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Jason Walko

Video Services based in Latrobe, PA


I became interested in film and video around the age of 14, after bringing a handheld camera along with me during a family trip. Barely ever setting the camera down, I captured the entire trip on video day by day, making a new video every day by cutting the footing in iMovie and setting the clips to music. After a lot of encouragement and support from my friends and family, I continued to make short videos for other family trips and school projects. In 2016, I graduated high school and began my academic career at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, PA to study marketing and communication.

I furthered my career goals by becoming a work study student in the college’s Marketing and Communications Department, where I worked closely with event coordinators to promote the mission of Saint Vincent College.

During my junior and senior year, I interned at the Greater Latrobe Laurel Valley Chamber of Commerce as a Marketing Assistant. While working at this wonderful organization, I spearheaded a social media marketing campaign for the annual Great American Banana Split Celebration. This event attracts thousands of people to Latrobe every year, and it was incredibly fun to create the digital content and promotional materials.

I graduated from Saint Vincent College in May 2020, virtually, in my parent’s house, at 12:30 PM, alone. The year 2020 threw a significant amount of unique challenges my way, as I’m sure it did with many of you. During this period, it was extremely hard to stay positive, but I still found ways to improve my skills and keep doing what I love.


I was able to return to work at the GLLV Chamber of Commerce to assist with the 2020 Great American Banana Split Celebration. Obviously this time around, things were much different. The event was going to be an all day, live streamed, virtual event – something the Chamber had never done before. Fortunately, our small team was able to pull together a set list of virtual music performances, prerecorded activities, and hosts. I will never forget the night before the live stream, spending nearly 48 hours in the office to finish cutting video segments and prepare for the event. The end result, however, was entirely worth it. Hundreds of people tuned into the stream on August 25th, filling the chat box with virtual hearts and smiles. We were able to procure nearly eight hours of content, and it was such a wonderful feeling to keep the yearly event alive and bring the community together for a few hours of fun through such a difficult time.


When my eight week workforce grant expired, I sadly said goodbye to the GLLV Chamber. I moved to Monroeville and began a full-time position at Cheeseburger Design, a small print shop based in Neville Island. While there, I produced a series of promotional videos, managed social media posts across multiple platforms, and fielded client requests for custom products. While in this position, I continued to broaden my skills with video editing, 2D animation, and social media promotion. Today, I work remotely, full-time, for a Pittsburgh marketing agency, where I have been working since 2022.

Choosing me for your creative and promotional services means you can trust that your content is being created by someone who truly loves what they do. I love working with new people and telling new stories. Now, let me tell yours! Don’t hesitate to send me a message.

– Jason

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